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10 Nov. 2020 / 19:54

Awards for achievements in the field of science

Awards for the most valuable achievements in the field of social sciences, economics, humanities and the promotion of science in the media, awarded at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM). The event, dedicated to the International Day of Science, marked today, took place with a limited number of participants and was broadcast online, reports Moldova 1.

They scoured the memories of the survivors of the Gulag Calvary, documented more than 500 case studies, supplemented them with archival material, comments, photographs, and published eight volumes. This work was awarded the "Alexandru Boldur" Prize for history and is the result of the work of a team of researchers.

The prestigious "Eugeniu Coşeri" award delighted the researcher Iraida Condrea.

Prizes were also awarded in the fields of literature, economics, law, social and political sciences and in the study of the arts. The "Archimedes' Parchment" award for promoting science in the media honored journalist Elena Cecan.

In the context of the holiday, the new book “Titu Maiorescu. The Eminescu Age ” was launched, whose coordinator is the eminescologist academician Mihai Cimpoi.

The European Union will continue to support Moldovan researchers, says Ambassador Peter Michalko.

"In the near future, we will start an even more ambitious program - Horizon Europe, which will receive even more funding and we look forward to participating," said Peter Michalko.

"We are in the 21st century and society is facing new challenges and it is clear that solutions to these challenges are expected from scientific researchers. We will support science and we will find solutions to challenges, including for this pandemic," said the president of the ASM, Ion Tighineanu.

An event to promote science and innovation will take place on November 27, entitled "European Researchers' Night".

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