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01 June 2020 / 20:04

A book from the Republic of Moldova, appreciated at "Euroinvent"

Nicolae Bulat, the well-known researcher of history and director of the Museum of Soroca, won the gold medal for the book "In search of a great hero, General Stan Poetaş". The high appreciation was given to him at the prestigious scientific forum: the International Salon "Euroinvent" from Iaşi, which took place for the first time online, reports Moldova 1.

The news about the awarding of the gold medal pleased Nicolae Bulat. Especially since the International Salon "Euroinvest" in Iasi is a landmark in the world of science. In addition to inventions and research projects from several countries, valuable technical, scientific, historical and literary books also competed at the online event.

"The book was mentioned by a very prestigious jury with the gold medal. For me, it's not a gold or silver, bronze medal. This book about the life of a hero who had already forgotten came to life," mentioned Nicolae Bulat.

Stan Poetaş was a general of the Romanian Army, which helped to liberate Bessarabia and especially Soroca County from the Bolshevik troops in 1918. He made the bas-relief, through everything that the local public authorities did, through everything that our Sorocenians do. The tombstone from the tomb of General Stan Poetaş was restored, being that he was buried here, in Soroca," mentioned Nicolae Bulat.

The book "In search of a great hero, General Stan Poetaş", appeared with the support of the Buzău County Council.

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