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30 Nov. 2020 / 16:00

"Holiday Table", Irina Nechit's new book of poetry

A candle lit in the memory of the parents, another stage of the lyrical conception of the poet Irina Nechit is represented by the new poetry book "Holiday Table". The book was published by the prestigious publishing house "Cartea Romanească" in Bucharest, reports Moldova 1.

"Truly, it is a celebration for me, because I have not edited any volume of poetry for ten years. "The Holiday Table", I think is a meal of holiness, of memory, an opportunity not to spend, to gather at a rich feast, but to meet, a spiritual feast," says Irina Nechit.

In the opinion of literary critics, the book brings to the circuit a qualitatively new poetry.

"This book by Irina Nechit takes her lyrical conception to another level. A book in which she tells the unfulfilled destinies of her father, who wanted to be a medical student, of her mother who once ran barefoot to church, and behind her were traces on the snow. A book in which she talks to her father who died, she talks to her mother who passed away," said Maria Şleahtiţchi, director of the "Mihail Kogălniceanu" National Museum of Literature.

Now Irina Nechit is working on a new book.

"Another volume of poetry, otherwise somehow, more narrative and more anchored in everyday life. And I have a new play for children "Iulian and Iuliana", said the writer.

Irina Nechit made her debut in poetry in 1992, she also writes theater criticism, she perseveres in the field of drama. Her plays are requested and staged by theaters in Chisinau and Bucharest. The most recent premiere was on November 24, "Tank Waltz", at the National Theater "Satiricus. Ion Luca Caragiale”.

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