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30 Oct. 2019 / 09:00

Exhibition in Chisinau dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

An exhibition titled "The Power of Emotions" dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall can be seen at the National Museum of Art of Moldova by mid-November, Moldpres reports.

The German ambassador to Chisinau, Angela Ganninger said that on November 9, 1989, 30 years ago, the Berlin wall fell. The people of East and West Berlin then celebrated spontaneously together, the whole of Germany followed these developments with fascination.

"It was an important event for the whole of Europe, especially for Germany. This event was full of emotions. It was a great joy, and emotions are now of major importance. On this occasion, we organized the exhibition. I also organized a visit of a rapporteur, Daphne Büllesbach, who met with the students in Chisinau, will meet with students from Cahul, and on Wednesday will be in Râbniţa ”, said the German official.

In his turn, the Polish ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Bartlomiej Zdaniuk, said that the 1989 events in Poland and Germany changed the lives of the people in these countries.

“They gave us a chance to build a new life. Today, after 30 years, we have a priceless thing called freedom, and freedom is side by side with responsibility. And now it depends on ourselves how we manage to make this pair work better”, stressed Bartlomiej Zdaniuk.

The Berlin Wall was one of the strongest symbols of the Cold War, but also the clearest proof of the separation of the two worlds, the communist and the democratic one. The Berlin Wall began to be erected as a barbed wire fence on August 13, 1961, transformed into a complex system of barricades and traps until 1975, with 155 km of wall, 127.5 km of electric fence, 302 guard towers, 20 bunkers and 11,000 soldiers charged with guarding it. According to official estimates, 138 people were shot dead while trying to cross the wall. The official date of the fall of the Wall is November 9, 1989, but its demolition started in June 1990.

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