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14 Nov. 2020 / 15:28

The anniversary exhibition of the plastic artist Sergiu Cuciuc, at the National Museum of Art

The beauty of nature, the homeland, the contact with valuable works of art, school, life, talent, but also work formed him as a plastic artist who created an unmistakable artistic universe. At the 80th anniversary, the master Sergiu Cuciuc is in full creative force, as evidenced by the anniversary exhibition inaugurated at the National Museum of Art of Moldova, Moldova 1 reports.

Spring, Festivity, Dear Guests - these are just a few compositions full of vigor and symbols, made by the octogenarian master Sergiu Cuciuc this year.

"At the age of 80, it seems that we should come with a retrospective exhibition, but he conceived this exhibition as a presentation from the last years. Especially in 2020, it has a series of new works, it comes with a new brightness on the palette and it is happy at this age,” said Tudor Zbârnea, director of the National Museum of Art.

The village, the people, the traditions - these are the life themes of the painter.

"Celebration in the village, the villages that are like palm trees on a coast. I like the village as such, the village where there is a hill and a valley, where there is a man, a peasant. For me, painting is a message that starts from the heart and with the help of colors I want to say what can be said," mentioned the plastic artist, Sergiu Cuciuc.

Sergiu Cuciuc's exhibitions are expected events. The master photographers captured unique moments with the painter, and the paintbrush confreres were delighted to see his new works.

Sergiu Cuciuc was director of the National Museum of Art of Moldova, president of the Union of Fine Artists, deputy prime minister of Culture and a true magician in painting.

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