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01 Mar. 2021 / 19:37

The "Creanga Days" Festival has started

The famous storyteller from Humuleşti, Ion Creangă, remains an incomparable teacher of the nation. Testimony in this regard is the "Creanga Days" Festival, which began today, March 1, in Chisinau, Iasi, Targu-Neamt and Pipirig and will run until March 5 in online format. At the 11th edition, participants of all ages from both banks of the Prut gathered to discover the wisdom and humor of the Crengian literary heritage, informs Moldova 1.

The "Creanga Days" Festival started with flower arrangements at the bust of the narrator from the Alley of Classics of Romanian Literature. At the same time, the flowers of gratitude were brought to the bust of the classic from Copou Park in Iaşi. That's exactly how the festival started 11 years ago, says the former director of the "Ion Creangă" National Library, Claudia Balaban.

"The main goal is to promote the work of Ion Creanga and I think we manage to do this in Chişinău, Iasi, Targu-Neamt and Pipirig. Ion Creanga is a phenomenon, and we are proud of the fact that his work is taught even in schools in Japan.
The organization of this festival, where the participants have the opportunity to discover even more about the writer, also offers absolutely necessary lessons, at least that is what the writer Iulian Filip says.

"It is the lesson of Ion Creanga and it is important that this lesson does not fall into festivity and inefficient monumentalism."

"For us, Ion Creangă is the pillar writer, who helped us to resist in the years when we could not remember our forerunners. For me, Ion Creangă is the one who told me that our nation will live through youth without old age and life without death," mentioned the writer Claudia Partole.
"I want to believe that this pandemic health crisis will also end and we will end with the other crises of morality, the crises of goodness that Creangă was talking about and for which he found concrete solutions. It is little known, unfortunately, that Ion Creangă was still a knight of the Alphabet, of the first Alphabet in the space of Romanian education," remarked the Romanian teacher Adrian Ghicov.
The Romanian partners of the festival will also participate online in all the events, the Crengian heritage being a common landmark of our nation. "We will all be in one space, but unfortunately, a virtual space. I think that maybe right now, in these times, we need Ion Creangă, his spirit, the humor we find in his work, the irony that sometimes strengthens us," mentioned the director of the National Library "Ion Creangă", Eugenia Bejan.
The colloquium, at which the participants shared their experience related to understanding the creation of the Ion Creanga, was entitled "My Ion Creanga". And the symposium organized by the Institute of Romanian Philology "Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu" will be entitled "Ion Creanga: his world and the world In the next few days, young readers from the "Ion Creanga" libraries in Orhei and Balti will be involved in the activities. The event will culminate on March 5 with the storyteller parade "Let's talk more about childhood".

March 1 marks 184 years since the birth of the classic of Romanian literature Ion Creanga.

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