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04 Nov. 2019 / 09:41

Maia Sandu: We will respect people’s choice

Citizens' vote is the essence of democracy and we will respect the people's choice. This was announced by the Prime Minister Maia Sandu in a briefing. She claims that the November 3 elections were held freely, which is a victory.

"The biggest victory in these elections is that they were free. Citizens had to choose from many candidates. People were able to freely choose the community leaders. The government will work with all elected mayors and local public authorities”, said Maia Sandu.

Also, the PM came with a message of gratitude to the voters but also to the candidate of the Block ACUM for the position of mayor of Chisinau, Andrei Nastase.

"We thank Mr. Nastase, who together with the team worked enormously in this campaign. Mr Nastase, we need you to return to the Government as soon as possible. I believe that people lost a potential good mayor, but democracy is a permanent exercise. Neither victory, nor defeat are final", said Maia Sandu.

The head of the executive also said that a difficult period for the parliamentary majority follows.

"I hope that Ion Ceban will remember and honor all the promises made to people in this campaign. We lost a battle, but the real fight against corruption is still going on. There will be a difficult period when it is clear if everyone in the parliamentary majority were sincere when they assumed justice reform. Igor Dodon has to give up games that undermine this reform. We will continue to fight for true justice. I am ready to fight from here, from the Government or from the street, together with the citizens ”, concluded Maia Sandu.

On Sunday, November 3, the second round of local general elections were held in Moldova. Following the processing of 100% of the reports, the preliminary results of the elections show that Ion Ceban, the candidate of the Socialist Party in Moldova (PSRM) in mayoral elections got 52.39% of votes while the candidate of the Electoral Platform DA and PAS, Andrei Năstase, got 47.61% of votes.

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